Has anybody won the "I Hate Snakes!" medal?


I just scrolled back through a few pages of threads, and saw a few threads from people who were unable to win the "I Hate Snakes!" medal.

I just played a marathon session and got stopped out at level 31 with 8 snakes killed and no more dynamite. I tried to die on purpose and carry my snake count into a new game, but it doesn't work that way. :)

I'm going to give it another shot and see if I can win it. Now that I've won the "Powerups? No Thanks!" medal, I can put all my focus into the snakes medal.

In the past I've been offered a choice of dynamite or hearts at the start of each level when starting a new game, so I'm assuming this medal will be easiest to win if I can start like that.
I was just curious if anybody had won this medal.
One user claimed to have killed 10+ snakes but had not won the medal, but that was some time back in an old thread.  Some medals, like the "100K Club" didn't always unlock in older versions, but this was later fixed, and a progress bar added for that medal.  There is also a progress bar for the snakes, which may have been added at the same time.  I found an older thread where another user had requested a feature like that.
I won the "100K Club" some time back after the progress bar was added, and "I Hate Snakes!" is now the only medal that I don't have.

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Timesaver:  Dynamite isn't considered a weapon for snake-counting purposes:  I was just able to take out two enemies with one blast without resetting my snake count.  :)


However, on this second attempt at the medal, I've gone through nine levels and only had the opportunity to defeat one snake.  This could take awhile.  :)

Scratch that:  Dynamite may or may not act as a weapon.  Gotta start over... :(

Not my night:  I just started over again, got 5-6 snakes in the first nine levels, then clicked a square:  Instead of going straight to the square I clicked, I was routed around to auto-defeat a non-snake.  D'oh!


I had previously noted that the pathfinding seems hard-coded to engage snakes and doors, even if I've already used a pickaxe or dynamite to bypass it in the first place.

I finally got it.  I got 6 in the first 10 levels, but it took another 17 levels to get the last 4.

I've learnt the hard way that using dynamite on a snake does not increase your snake count. I have tons of dynamite, so I'm rather more upset that I've lost a golden opportunity to up my snake count. :'(

Congrats on getting your achievement.