harsh fees

I recently picked up an XBox.  I was looking around and thinking of how to use the additional features...maybe TV.  Then found I'm paying for each show?  Prices are averages, may go up and down.  I just wanted to show how to make this more palletable for customers.

$250 XBox

$5 batteries month

$60 Internet

$10 month XBox Live

$5 per show

Television isn't $5 per show.  You pay $60 for internet or $60 for cable.  Advertisers pay top dollar for superbowl, HBO, YouTube, etc.  How come they are getting paid three times over here?  Online the Simpsons has like 22 seasons.  It's x$60 a season.  That is INSANE.

I think if you put the $10 a month into one person that set up an XBox Channel on TV, showed how many people buy Doritos and KFC and get some sponsors, you wouldn't have to change per month, or per show.  You need a Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

If it's working out and everyone is going to be happy, then that's super.  But, you could reach so many more customers by simply copying the same business model in place.  If this is not the goal, then I'm out of touch with reality.  My bad.


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