Harley (spoiler)

So, why was harley tied up in the steel mill?


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let me answer your question with a question....you came across a girl like that would you not want to tie her up? ;)

It seems that Thalia tied her to stole the cure.

When u make it near the very end of the game it will be explained why she was tied up... would hate to spoil it for u if u haven't gotten to that part yet.

I beat it, but it didn't say anything about it?

Well if Harley took the cure and she is tied up later on and Talia has the cure one would put two and two together and figure out that Talia took the cure from Harley and tied her up, right?

I suppose, I just find it strange that she ot captured in the Steel Mill where all their guards were. It would have made more sense if she was tied up elsewhere.

So you think common thugs would be any match for assassins?

Talia said she took the cure from Harley and hinted at doing something to her ... which was tieing her up...  Talia is a ninja assasin.. doubt she even worried about any guards on the way in and being that the Steel Mill isn't to to far from where Harley stole the cure from, it makes sense she would have captured her there... Even more so being that Talia was likely at the steel mill for nothing to do with Harley and Harley just happened to come along.. wrong place, wrong time. . . There were no thugs around Harley or they would have untied her.