Hardest achevment in my oppinion

In my oppinion the hardest achevemt to earn in this game is going to be kill 45 people with the m1911 pistol at least its going to take the longest to get. It takes forever to get enoughf points in pistols to unlock one and this is the last pistol to unlock i believe. I could be wrong and i know ive already sen poeple running around with shorties witch is pretty close to it, but I seem to be haveing trobles geting pistol kills.


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The 1911 is not the last pistol unlock. It does have very high damage stats though. I would advise just playing and the unlocks will come. Shoot with your rifle or whatever and switch to your pistol to finish gunfights. JMHO.

yup it's my last one to get done...

Ive found it works well to runa around a conquest map till you find some one and try to follow them unnotice till you can get close enoughf to shoot them in the back of the head with the rex lol i got 23 kill last night :p and i got a service star with my shank :P