God damn did i *** myself over or what my last save is at chapter 12 right before the drill sequence on hardcore i have died 4 times in a row all after the eye machine and have had to restart and do some of the most annoying parts in the game.... should i just restart from around chapter 7 and push all the way onwards to the eye part or is there any hope for me. The farthest i made it is right before the final boss the guy jumped out of the window and insta killed me...total bs taking a break now from it so i don't accidently break my controller this game is soooooooo frustrating on hardcore when you *** up your saves... and to make matters worse i accidently overwrote my original game that i already beat on normal :(


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Just keep at it, you'll get it. You're doing the exact same thing I did. I also used my last save there. I remember how the parts after the eye-boring machine were the only difficult parts in my Hardcore run. What guns are you using? I suggest using nothing but the Force gun from that point to the end. Go back down the elevator and upgrade your health if you haven't already. Upgrade your Force gun and stock up on ammo and extra health. Use the primary fire for close stuff, and the secondary function for far stuff, obviously. I even used the FG on the last boss with no problems.  (Spoilers) When it was time to shoot the big center thingy after Nicole and the kids, I quickly destroyed it with a non-upgraded Contact Rifle (2 attempts). Sell whatever you can and upgrade the things listed above and you should be ok. Or just upgrade what you're already using. The only time I died was after that point, which was three times. Just remember where the things are that killed you so you can be on gaurd. I even unplugged my Ether cable so stuff wasn't popping up on my screen. Good luck man, I remember how much that sucked. As I'm sure you're aware, the weapon you unlock from beating that mode is well worth the hassle. It makes beating the game on Zealot a breeze, if you haven't beat that already.

Me 3 haha. I saved at the end of Chapter 11. I didn't die after that (which was amazing) but it was real intense. The eye machine had me sweating but yeah, take a break and go at it again, just take your time, FORCE GUN is your best friend from the rest of the game. At the boss you can use the Contact Beam as Thookins said but I used the Seeker Rifle for the heart (of whatever it was) and Force Gun on Nicole, didn't use 1 health kit. It was a breeze. You will get it though, no need to start at Chapter 7, Good Luck.

The OP has the achievement, so he's probably going through on Zealot with his new toy...

^that i did and wow was it a blast just gonna mop up the remaining kill x amount achievments or kill them with this gun etc. beat zealot in under 4 hours with the finger gun it was great. And yeah i beat hardcore shortly after posting this it was rather intense especially when my game got the "everything turns black and the walls are invisible" glitch causing me to have to restart my 12-15 run again.... but well worth it great game and it would have been way easier if i knew not to save before chapter 7 because of the disc thing. I used the force gun seeker rifle and plasma cuter for final run through before the boss and used the seeker rifle on nicole and heart and force gun on little children easy boss battle the only part that had me nervous a bit was the flying to the ship at the end :p i was like i really hope you arent able to die here lol that would of sucked.

O Yeah!!!! I freakin LOVE my Seeker Rifle. Also I know exactly what your talking about when Ellie comes back for you and flying to the ship, i think I was sweating as much as I was with the eye poke machine. But glad you enjoyed the game and got to treat yourself to a quick Zealot run through with the finger, lol.

I use a separate memory unit when I play this type of game especially when doing big things like. I must have died 1000 times at the eye poke machine but it didn't bother me a bit because I used my 2nd save in the room before. It was risky waiting until chapter 10 before my first save but it worked.