Hey I am new to battlefield, I was wondering if there is a hardcore mode? Thanks in advance


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yes...you have to set your server browser up to look for HC matches....word of warning, I played some HC matches last night....and I didn't see a single killcam...which is great, but my friends I was partied up with were intermittently getting killcams.....personally, I think is just a glitch that will get fixed, as the browser even said "no" on the killcam slot

This is a dumb ? How do I set up server browser?

ummm....crap, I only did it once myself.....can't remember at the moment...i'm at work

in the multiplayer menu choose SERVER BROWSER. then press IN on the RIGHT STICK to open the filter menu. you will see several options. near the RIGHT you will see normal or hardcore options. select only hardcore and the browser will only return those results.