Hardcore Team Killing Fun

Hopefully this will decrease when MW3 comes out, but I am sick of the TK **** in this game.  

Todays has got to be the worst.  

One person would run around killing teamates while we were attempting to take flags and then running off so that even he  could not take it.

Another running around killing people taking flags and then taking it himself so that we would not get the points for it.

Roadkills......not anywhere close to a road and then if he missed, he would come back again.

Another guy killing me and then reviving me.....hilarious!

Tank shell spamming on a flag while teammates are trying to take it....brilliant!

And on a side note,,,,the guy that stays back at base and when our vehicles spawn, he takes them and destroys them.



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This still happens often in BFBC2(every hardcore game) so I don't think MW3 will help any.

CoD has better HC team killing. Because BF allows party chat, you dont get to hear the reactions of those that are team killed very often.


CoD S&D TK'ing is the best because you can hear the reaction of your team, and gives you more satisfaction... not that have any experience with doing this... =P

If I do team kill and I'm a medic, If I can get to you, I'll revive you. Reviving is a way of letting others know that it's accidental.

Call me what you want, but this is one of the reasons I stick to core.. Especially on Battlefield games

The normal servers are just horrid with the amount of bullets you can soak up before dying.  That is why I play HC, and it is just ruined lately.  I just got out of a game where my teamate spawned on a beacon repeatedly and was killed 29 times in a row.  He also TK'd anyone who investigated this travesty.  I find it difficult to believe that this cannot be fixed by any game maker.  

Amount of bullets?

IMO the amount of bullets it takes to kill someone in this game is far less than BC2, three shots from a SCAR or LMG to the torso will put a enemy in the ground. 

In HC it should be one in the torso to put them down.  I dont want to shoot a BB gun,  I want 7.62!

^^Ive sniped people in the head in hardcore to have them scratch their ear and walk away.

Haha no sh!t.  A bullet to the head and they just run away.  How does the team killing work.  Someone on my team shot me and it counted as a death for me but not a kill for him.  So does that go against my K/D?

^^I think it does, but im not sure. And its stupid that it takes 5 tks before a person is kicked.

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