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why are there only 2 servers :( 


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I know, my friends are saying they are in, but, 3 or 4 show when i search.  Do like the server browser now that I've learned how to use it, just want more hardcore!!

there are plenty set the search to show all games including full ones you may have to set in que for a few minutes but it dont take long

I tried to get in a Hardcore server all nite last nite.  All of them were full with a healthy waiting list.  I never got one game.

They seriosuly need to add more hardcore servers.

ihave servers set to all and the most ive ever seen were 100, most times less, and all 100 are full with full queue, there are over 1000 normal servers most of which arent even close to full, that means several hundred with less than 15

I played alot of matches last nite on regular servers that were not full at all, yet every Hardcore had a waiting list.

More hardcore servers please!

Really hope they come back soon.



WTF is this. I didn't think that it was possible to **** of their fanbase even more.