Hardcore Ricochete

I want to complain about the knew MW3, Hardcore format. Hardcore, in MW3 has gone totally ricochet, because too many people were Whining about Team Kills. Here is a bulleten for you people. IT'S HARDCORE!!! If you are stupid enough to jump out in front of friendly fire, then you are stupid enough to pay for it. Why should I be penalized because you're foolish? I play Hardcore because it's more realistic. If you want Core rules; go play Core. As for Activision, deactivate the Ricochete, and lets get back to Hardcore.


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It's a game.  Nothing about it is realistic.

[quote user="Lactos292"]

It's a game.  Nothing about it is realistic.

[/quote]He's not really talking about realism but ricochets being turned on.

They have essentially turned off friendly fire in the hard-core modes of the game and make any FF damage ricochet back onto you.

I assume they have done this is part to combat the griefers but it does somewhat ruin the point of the Hard-Core modes. 

Ehh, I've seen far more instances of intentional team killing than had issues with rihcochete(sp?) by accident.

i can understand why they did this, and i understand why it might feel like it has worsened the game mode

im just glad iw is trying to fix the game this time compared to mw2

but i do want a normal hardcore mode back though.

First off if you want realistic, Cod is NOT the game for you.

Second, there really is no middle ground on this issue. Either people run in front of you bullets giving you TK's and getting you kicked or people run in front of your bullets causing you to kill yourself. Not much you can do here...