Hardcore Ricochet Team Death Match

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If you are going to make a game mode Hardcore AND ricochet, the equipment used should not be destroyable. The consequence of leaving a destroyable I.E.D. or other equipment results in suicide (a team mate shoots your I.E.D. but because it is ricochet, it kills you) or loss of equipment. There are a lot of unsportsman players on Xbox live...

Either you can shoot your unruly team mate or, please, make the equipment ricochet and kill the person who is destroying it or remove the ricochet altogether. It's ridiculous. Anyone else share this opinion?


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Well they did it back on Black Ops 2 and you'd get kicked from the game. So pick your poison really, even though it is annoying.

   I played sopme hc dom and couldnt quite figure out what the deal was there. It didnt kill my teammates if I shot them, but it didnt kill me either. It just made me flinch. Maybe it would have killed me if I kept shooting, but I definitely had enough hits to kill an enemy.