HARDCORE. Is It Really?

I suggest that hardcore is nothing more than an easy mode.  Killing someone is a lot easier.  You really need no aim.  You want knife kills?  Well not getting spotted helps you out considerably.  A sniper should suffer a huge penalty for being spotted. Being spotted in hardcore does not relay your position to the whole team like it should even with voice comms. 

Situational awareness in a game should not solely depend on voice comms.   Most players do not call out.  One man coming two men coming this way.  When they die it is the whole team coming down that side.  Usually more pride than truth. 


Sniper aim really matters not in Hardcore, a hit to the leg with some rifles are enough to kill you.  Where is the skill in that.

I am a fan of hardcore mode in most all games.  I think this style needs to be rethought. To remove all the hud and simply making kills easier is not hardcore anymore.  Lets take the sniper class.  You are suppose to be stealthy. So the penality for being spotted should be an a spotter icon untill your death. Having to evade and survive is what I consider hardcore.  Anyone can get huge sniper kills with no replay cam with the weapon killing no matter where you hit.  Hardcore I say not really.

Come on if hardcore then make it hard.  Do not just remove hud and make it easier to kill.  Nothing hard about that.  Add more features make it so much more difficult.  Then maybe we can call it hardcore.  Right now it is just easy sniper and knife kills.


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I think im having de ja vu!You say there is no skill in the kill in HC,well then maybe the skill is not getting killed.

And the ones that dont no N,S,E,W,,,what way did you say?????

[quote user="StrikeSudden"]

A huge penalty for dying should be imposed.  Your squad should suffer for you getting shot.  Respawn times should be 2 to 3 times longer.


Respawn time is 15 seconds already. How much time do you want to spend at the respawn screen?

My hand is raised, I hate that these forums are censored. Especially some of the words that they decide to sensor amuse me.

here, here vegas and thanks for your service!!  not so much getting the hits imho, the radar just feels cheap and need a full clip to drop someone gets old in core.  met some new peeps yesterday, their hate on core was "not being able to find the sniper" who just killed them via kill cam.  

said it once and will say it again.....LOL....snipers are the least of my concerns when it comes to bc and hard core :)

[quote user="FAT N1NJA PANDA"]

This argument is similar to large breasts versus small breasts, Those who like large breasts will always find people who like small breasts wierd and nerver understand them, just like those of us who like hardcore will never understnand those people who perfer softcore.


Interesting, I think you should conduct a study examining the correlation between a player's brea$t size preference and the choice of HC / core.


edit: lol, the word brea$t is censored now? Jesus... For some reason it didn't censor it for you though, because you used plural?

I have Mad Skills on drinking Diet Coke,,,,,,,,,,,hehehehehehe

T!TS!thats meant to say.Dam censorship!

...raise you hand if you'd like to participate in studying breasts

In core you don't have to worry about killing friendlies. So everybody can spam explosives without fear of repercussions. Hardcore forces players to be  hyper vigilant , there are no orange triangles to help you. Medics are a necessity, no magical regenerating health in hardcore. Sniping is easier in hardcore, but that just means it's harder to survive in the open. The alarms let you know about impending doom to your vehicle, but you can take a critical hit with no alarm to tell you. One mode isn't any easier than the other. They require different skill sets an strategies. This thread is a sign of  flawed a thought process. This whole "My game mode is better than yours" BS is rather tiresome. Grow up an save your fanboy rants for someone else.

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