Hardcore HQ

Anyone else play HC HQ? im a big fan and i was once part of the biggest HC HQ clan on call of duty (all cod games) but they play CORE now, any one still play this game mode? looking to join either a clan, or a regular set of lads that play together. cheers


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I will not advertise but google is your friend there are many clans out there for this type of play just look around and you shall find them.

There is a clan recruitment thread here....best place to look.   Good luck!

I used to be a big fan in previous games. But here I get kicked far too much for accidental team killing so I dont play it. If they could upgrade the kick logic so that the game knows that when Im 40-2 and I TK someone, its not intentional.

That's all I normally played but now it's gone, what happened to it?/?/ I play hardcore flags now just to be able to play hardcore HQ which doesn't come up much that I've seen, it's more ctf then hq. I'm getting used to ctf though, I play HQ core sometimes but it's so much harder to kill someone in that game mode.