Hardcore Game Modes

why have they not added anymore game modes to hardcore,  such as war or dom.  i hope they add these some time in the near future that would be awesome, i play with a group of people who strictly play hardcore and it would be nice if there was a little more variety.   anyone know if treyarch adds hardcore modes at all?


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They've added some maps to the modes already ther, but dont know if they'd add modes.

At least they have a few more modes than there was in MW2

yea all the maps are in rotation in HCTDM  but i just don't see why they couldn't add some more game modes to HC.

I agree OP. Im hardcore to the bone and kinda wish I didnt always have to play SnD even though I love it. I feel like when I play core its a bit to easy. Im always the one on my team with the least amount of deaths. Yea, I camp. I have smores and baked beans too

Every HC game I've ever played has resulted in a crap ton of TK'ing and *** talking. Thats probably why....

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I understand some peoples dislike for hardcore, I personally play with a full group of people and the only TK's are accidental, but that shouldn't deter treyarch from slappin up a few new modes, there are alot of folks that play hardcore, and honestly, how hard could it be?    

    I prefer hc but usually play ffa or tdm.  I have played some hc ctf .................. but thats one where I would prefer to be able to take a few bullets as I escape with the flag.

    I hated that in order to pro some of the perks I had to play core modes. Its one thing if I played core all the time, but I have a terrible problem switching from hc to core ............. I let off the trigger way to fast and die a lot. Then just when I get used to it, I go back to hc and waste all my bullets.

I think they should add more wager matches... but thats just me