hardcore game modes

is it just me, but trying to get into a hardcore rush or cq came mode is extremely hard with a squad of 2 or more. It seems Dice has very few servers set up when all regions are enabled for these game modes....anyone else having issues? other than this growing pain the game is unbelievable.


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I have had issues with getting HC games as well.

Same here. Can't find servers with enough openings.

every game has either 23/24 people or is full, TDM is very easy to get into, i just wish they would open up game types that make battlefield battlefield, i can play tdm in any other game, but love the way rush and cq is set up. just need more HC lobbies

Agreed! My gf and I can hardly ever get in a room together. Even when I'm lucky enough to find a 22/24 server, it fills up while we are in join/loading screen and one of us doesn't make it. Aside from this though, I'm loving the game.