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Hello fellow Xbox Gamers. Are you looking for a clan? Wanting to be with Mature Gamers? Look no further, as I am a recruit but I must say this clan does care about it's members and it is fairly new so, if you are looking for a fresh clan, here is the link:


Register and when you register you will of course get a Confirmation email. Confirm and once you do that, Log in and go to forums. Look for the Sub Forum Join HeS and go to Application. First look at the Sticky on top to make sure you are entering the application correctly and then fill out the application. Once you do that, wait for a response, and when you get accepted, go to introductions, introduce yourself and then, well, your in the clan! So do consider joining, and I hope to see you in the clan!


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A quick update: Anyone who wishes to join, you can message me on Xbox and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Again those who wish to join, after you have done the above on the OP, you can message me about any questions, concerns or anything related to the clan and I will try to get to you as soon as possible. Thank You.




Update: For those who would like to join, you can join our Casual Clan or Competitive Clan, well I'm in both so you can do that as well. And we have 2 games at the moment which you can both join. COD Ghosts and BF4 and for BF4 we have a platoon up right now. So go check us out in the link on the OP.