I decided to play some conquest to firm up my heli skills for B3 and all I can say is "Houston, we have a problem."

If you are lucky enough to get a game that isn't totally stacked you get shot in the back by your team if you go near the Apache or the stacker team rushes your base to steal your heli and proceeds to base**** with both attack helicopters.  Add a tank or two and its game over.

Personally, I have never witnessed such selfish, childish behavior.  Of course, school is out for the summer so yes there is an increased element of childish gameplay but its the blatant teamkilling that really turns my stomach.  You call them out on it and all you get is "its just a game" "why are you taking this so serious?"

If you want to play "just a game" then grab a rope and go outside...I know, outside, radical concept...and play jumprope.   I am "taking it serious" because you are clowning around with MY free time and there are certain expectations of sportsmanship and cooperation that this game demands. 

If you are thinking of posting about all the things I can do to avoid these situations DON'T EVEN BOTHER.  It is not my situation to avoid.

You dont win Conquest by winning it any more.  You win because the other team decides to lose buy fighting over a toy.



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U mad?

Seriously, what did you expect? Let me guess... You expected to boost your KDR by playing hardcore, cause it's easier to take out enemies with less shots and expected to spawn on the base, to find the chopper sitting there all by it's loney self waiting for you to jump in and take her for a ride. Reality check buddy chopper wh0ring on a hardcore match has ALWAYS been a fight among your team mates since the game released over a year and four months ago.So if you're going to chopper wh0re you got two choices.Either play core or get ready to teamkill anyone who even looks at your chopper.Unfortunately either kill or be killed. I personally gave up the teamkilling for choppers awhile back and only chopper wh0re on core.

where's the fun in a one hit kill?. you want easy kills? play the campaign on easy. it's like playing HC when you play the campaign on easy. i like a gun fight, make it a challenge.

This troll reminds of SpeckledEagle.  He use to like to argue about nothing then turn it into a cod vs bf B.S.  

I guess I'm a scrub then.   That's mr Scrub!

I guess, if you aren't use to one or the other. It's really what feels more comfortable which is easier for the person to adapt to or has a better grasp on.

SirVilius on Fri, Jul 1 2011 12:12 PM

"Your stupid complain posts aren't going to change nothing, all it's going to do is attract people to flame you and trolls, like myself, to troll you for the "TROLOLOLOLZ."


The KING has spoken, LONG LIVE THE KING.

The OP accused me of cheating on this game a while back when I handled his whole team. What did he expect would happen facing someone in the top 100. He is a sore loser and if him and his boys don't win then he cries

[quote user="Misfit I Rogue"]

Look at all the people arguing about core and hardcore. All you guys who haven't played Battlefield any of  the previous original Battlefields, there was no such thing as hardcore before the Bad Company spinoff series. Not to mention, it was all balanced, as you didn't have body armor nor mag ammo.

[/quote]didn't have a kill-cam either or a point-n-click spot/spammer...nope, guys with GPS had to spot and it was for a limited time...and those games had prone....and everyone knows what a great job eliminating too many snipers getting rid of prone did


OMG. these HC vs Core threads are fun. Like i said, I play both, and (at least where I'm concerned) HC is like playing the game on easy. 2 shots with the M1 or M14 and they're dead, and when I'm using my "rapid fire" controller ( another claim that's popular with my victims) I go through enemies like a 7.62 round through butter.

[quote user="Waykam"]

King ding a ling maybe.


"jesus built my hotrod"...great song man


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