Hardcore Bombs

I think this idea was pretty good and it is my favorite playlist so far. Search has always been my favorite but mixing the other gametypes in keeps it fresh and makes it just a little more better to play. Anyone else like playing this?

The only thing about it that I'm not a huge fan of is Sabotage and it seems to be the one that pops up the most.  It's not a bad gametype but I don't think people understand it to well. Most of the matches I have played my team has won and everyone on our team has no more than 3-4 kills because it ends so fast because it seems like the other team just tries to camp but it doesn't really work.

Also, I was wondering if there is anyway to get around the spawn trapping in demolition? It isn't too terribly bad but I have seen where everytime I spawn the same guy is there killing me, it's like he is running a certain route and hitting all the spawns.


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I like dem, hate s&d and not a big fan of sabotage ... but I'll play them just for the dem.

Dem does seem to have the worst instances of spawn trapping I have seen. You can go a couple ways with it.

    Use fjpro/warlord pro/tacmask pro/nova gas and spam all your nades immediately on spawn. ........ even if it means throwing them at your own feet.

    Or ......... try using a tac insert and take the spawn trappers from behind.

I hate it.