Hardcore and insanity run questioned.

So it has been a long time since I have played mass effect 1 and I figured I would try to do my hardcore insanity runthoughs on all three. My question is when starting a new campaign with a pre-existing profile but the difficulty is set to casual do I just set it hardcore while I am on the ship before starting any missions or do I have to play a new campaign with a fresh character and set it before the game actually begins for the achievements to work?


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Thanks for the post VoteDC and that's what I did as soon as I had the chance to open the start menu I changed the difficulty level. I figured that's what it was since when you select an Existing ID it doesn't give you the chance to do anything after that it just starts the game but I just wasn't sure when I said it's been awhile since I play ME1 I mean I haven't played it in like a year lol.

I played my second run through on hardcore difficulty,changing the difficulty right at the start of the game from my first playthrough,yet at the end it had reverted back to normal difficulty so i never unlocked the achievement or insanity mode.

I know you have the answer on the ME3 board but it is worth reposting here for other folk who may come looking for help.


When you choose Select Existing ID everything about that character is imported, minus the story choices. So, yes. If that ID was played on Casual then it will import that as the difficultly setting no matter what you have picked on the main menu.


Personally I always change it before leaving the Normandy but my understanding is that you have up until the end of Eden Prime to do so.