Harased in game setting.

This guy name LE6IT JON was saying he was going to hack me during a game of black ops and then he sent me a message saying your account only has 18 hours left to play then it is getting deactivated. And please reply on what i should do.


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I agree with the changing password everyonce in a while.  To date I have not had my account hacked, (knock on wood).  But my nephew has had his hacked once a while back and it resulted in multiple charges on the credit card that was soon reported as stolen, and a week's worth of talking to microsoft in order to fully restore his account.  Luckily microsoft hooked him up in the end.  But the reason he was hacked was because he went to a supposedly clan battles website, when he signed up he had to put his personal information in including his email address.  

So the one thing that I would recommend if anything is to stay away from most clan battles sites.  Unless it is a legit sight then don't put any information you don't want taken.  

Thanks i just changed my password today.

block communications and report him. chances are its just some random idiot talking out of his a**. even going through microsoft  yourself to cancel an account is a pain in the a** so i wouldn't worry. also on a side note if you have a simple password i would suggest changing it. i'm not saying the person knows it but its always good change your password once and a while. i myself had someone gain access to my account a while back and rack up some money and stuff on my account through fifa.

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Thanks i just changed my password today.


Trust me,  people who say that have absolutely no idea how to do anything of the sort 99.999999999999999% of the time.

Report, move on, have fun

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