Happy Halloween for L4D Fans

Looks like Valve has finally said a little more word about when the "Cold Stream" DLC is set to be released for Xbox 360 users.

Since back in early july Valve had stated it would be "sometime after the release of Portal 2" and well its been ages since then and still no official updates or word on the DLC until here lately.

They now state it should be sometime around or after Halloween, so hopefully we will see it soon!



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As bad as I want to believe Valve still gives a crap about the Left 4 Dead series.. Ive basically given up hope.

Dont get me wrong Left 4 Dead has alway been my favorite game series but, to be honest it seems like Valve has basically just thrown in the towell on it pretty much. They obviously have something big they are occupied with or are just not concerened with adding on to Left 4 Dead anymore.

This "cold stream" DLC they have been hinting about had been originally announced over 5 months ago and still not one single update other then an "possibly sometime around Halloween" most likely this DLC will never even happen.

I for one would rather just see a Left 4 Dead 3 but even that is doubtful, at least for a looong time from now anyway.

Sweet! I'll have a reason to play it again.


Well I don't see a problem going back to L4D, I'm in.

Nope. Not getting excited. I got excited for the free Portal 2 DLC Announced a month or so after Portal  2's release. Ended waiting 6 long months for it. Why does valve announce DLC when they aren't even closed to being done...

Apparently this DLC chapter is supposed to be longer than the Sacrifice, that makes me happy since I finished that one in like 30 min >.< It also is supposed to come with the rest of the Chapters from the original and apparently some new type of play mode.

I really hope we actually get this!

Seeing as its been almost a year since this DLC was rumored and Halloween and the 2 year anniversary have already come and passed and there still hasnt been a word more about it.

Im pretty sure this is never happening lol.

It will come out eventually.

Valve will stick on PC for this one again, they did the same with their other games like Team Fortress 2 for example.

Valve could have used this time to make Left 4 Dead 3 instead. And actually make some major changes for once. But all of this Left 4 Dead talk is bringing me back to zombie killing. Where did I put my Left 4 Dead 2 copy?

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