Handing vs. Power

In the past I've always done more handling upgrades than power, and was always successful.


In the World Tour Mode, I've been trying to do the same thing, but it doesn't seem to be working as well.  I'm usually able to catch up, or pass, in the turns, but then I get my doors blown off in the straightaways. 


So, I'm just wondering what some of you usually do.  Do you have upgrades that you go to right away?


I know the AI is supposed to be harder in World Tour Mode, but this is more challenging than I've ever seen.  Certainly not complaining.  I definitely like it.  I just have to change up my philosophies a bit with this one.  LOL


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I've always done much more tuning for handling as well. Generally speaking, my "go to" upgrades are racing suspension, racing anti-roll bars, racing brakes, racing differential and racing transmission (I love fine tuning the gear ratios). I determine if down force parts are needed on a case by case basis, depending on the car and it's pre-tune characteristics. I also tend to go with tire upgrades, either rubber composition or tire width, depending on the car and what I'm trying to accomplish.


Generally speaking, I look at what the car does well when it's stock and I look to enhance what it already does well. It's tough to get a car with poor handling and acceleration but great top speed to perform well on a short track and, by contrast, it's tough to get a car with good accel, grip and braking but poor top end to do well on a long track.

In previous versions of Forza the AI cars were limited at different difficulty levels.  For example on easy not only would the AI brake sooner, but their top speed was severely limited, same with medium, but no as bad.

With Forza 4 they have allowed all AI cars to go as fast as they can.

So basically you should really look at putting some extra speed upgrades in, otherwise the AI will always be catching you on the straights.

The AI never catches me in the straights cause I'm already gone. ;-)