Hal's/Halo Armor help

Im wondering if anyone has the whole thing including the Sword if they are willing to trade it i will give you 3mil. Thanks.


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Cant it be traded? I thought i would get this with the DLC but i didn't so if anyone has maybe 2 sets for some reason or doesn't want theirs anymore more, like i said ill pay 3mil for it.

It can't be traded. It was only with the limited edition of the game. You would have to find an unused code. Or amazon still has them for $40...just depends on how bad you want it.

Does anybody still have the Hal armor for fable 2 I give anybody an augmented master weapon 4 it

Actually i will give 40 mil for it

PAY ATTENTION - Hals Outfit, like Hal's Gun, and Hal's Sword is NON TRANSFERABLE - the gun can be received in "Knothole Island": full edition, The Sword I believe comes via the ancestors chest if yo accessed it correctly (on a no longer accessible) As others mentioned Hal's Outfit is CODE ONLY - or through special edition CD. And if the codes on them have not expired. Now these things are xferrable - Potion Of Transmorgification (reusable) The "High Rollers Outfit", "The Championship Cutlass", "The Championship Pistol" , two rings (I forget names exactly) Several new pies, The Feign Attack Book, and some other things - these are xferrable, either from DLC packs , or from external games like "pub Games" users having these in their inventory can gift these - I still have some of them I believe. I can give them out by appointment (Not Hal's Stuff)  - til I ran out of them - have like 20 chickensuits though If it's some of the xferrable stuff - contact me via x-box live maybe I can send some - however - I do not play the x-box much expect a delay