when ever try to register there gives me

Please fill in the information below to create your account. That username is not available.

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On halo.xbox.com, your username and gamertag aren't linked. It's not like this website where it signs you into your gamertag to log in. It's possible that someone took your GT as their username. Although it's odd, since your GT is rather unique.

well can't change what username you pick

Someone has already taken the username of your Gamertag. You will just have to use a different username on that website.

i can't don't let you pick any just has it in text

Please try using complete sentences when you post so we can understand what you're saying.


What do you mean by "it doesn't let you pick any?" You have to physically type in the username you desire. There is no list of names to choose from. If you can't get "Massamo" come up with a different username. Halo.xbox.com is not linked to you Xbox Live account, so you can choose any username you so desire, unless it's already taken.

its not letting me pick anything more then my xbox name and is no where to change it

Name: Your gamertag is the screen name that will be used to identify you in this community.

how do i remove the upstream bandwidth it sets to warning

That's an average over time and is also completely irrelevant. I wouldn't worry about it, many people have it, such as myself, and have no problems at all.


Also, this thread was very old.

wtf is nat???

Network Address Translation

why do people keep digging this thread up ? Let it rest in peace already