Halo:Reach On Xbox LIve Question?

I recently bought Halo:Reach On Xbox Live and I was wondering,

Does the normal copy of Halo Reach have a code for a helmet or something?

My friend has the game that he bought on GameStop and has a code for a helmet.

If this is true,how do I get my code for the helmet if i bought the game in Xbox LIve?

Thank You


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the helmet code was only given out for pre-order as well as people who bought the legedary edition for the flaming helmet.

Best Buy came with the Recon helmet while GameStop had a chest piece.

i recovered my gamertag on my buddies consle and now i cant seem to find my chest plate i got the helmet but i cnat find the chest plate.

I believe HobbesUSN you're wrong cause I bought mine at GameStop and got both the chest and Recon helmet

Recon came with the legendary and the other non normal copy of the game, while the chest really was a GameStop exclusive and the code came printed on the note of the game so OP I think you are out of luck

Walmart copies had a version of the Recon helmet too.