halon gas

I've been playing this game since release, and up until yesterday I had never witnessed halon gas kill anyone. I've always found it annoying regardless of which team calss it in.

    Last night I was in the lower hallway and was killed by explosions, the final killcam ... which I thought was going to be me , showed a run through bdom and got killed by it.

   So what exactly happens when you call it in? Is it always the same spot on the map, and I've just by chance never been there at the moment ..... or is it dropped in on a random spot on the map?


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I think it only comes on that one certain map and the gas covers the complete map. It happens every game of Dom on that map. The gas has never killed me and I dont think it can. It just makes it tough to see for a minute or two.

  Just to clear something up, It wasnt the gas that killed me, but the explosions.

  I've heard them before when someone calls it in, but always thought the explosions were just some cool sound effects to go along with it. This appeared to be the explosions that went with it ..... but they werent just sound effects, they were real. I cant think of any other in-game explosions that resembled it.

i called the halon gas in one game

i killed a player hiding in a corner one of the pipes fell on him

it was the final kill cam gave every one a laugh except the victim

Someone gave ne this response on another board:

The Sabotage is a reward obtained in the Field Order's Care Package on the map Sovereign. When called in, Halon Gas lines all around the factory will explode. Enemies standing near walls with the gas lines may die from the ensuing explosions. The emergency gas system then fills the entire map with a foggy haze, putting out the fires and hindering the sight of every player on the map for 30 seconds

I hate that gas and the KEM drop where everything just gets brown n dusty, ruin my TT scope effects ;)

I like it. It's better than those stupid killstreaks that get kills for you while you don't have to do anything (i.e. IMS, Guard Dog, Sentry Gun, Battle Hind, Support Squadmate, KEM Strike, Shock and Awe, etc.)

Halon Gas makes a difference in the map. Snipers lose effectiveness, and CQB and sneaking get better effectiveness. Too bad there isn't an option to have it like that completely. It really changes the match.

The Halon Gas at times helps the team out and there has been times were it heart the team. it's a catch 22

Oddly enough, I was killed by Halon Gas explosions for the first time ever, yesterday... down in the lower tunnel...

^Got at least one kill with it in HCTDM. Laughed.