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Greetings all Halo Wars Strategists,

I just picked up this game around December and it's getting closer to the top of my pile. Purchasing a copy of this well celebrated RTS I believe is the acronym, if not please let me know, ( no trolling please). Anyways I have a few questions and before anyone asks yes I know about various websites guides, strategies, walk-throughs, and the physical game guide, though I'm not interested in any of those.

Question one: what is the best controls method for covenant facilities. Given there are a number of factors what would be the overall generic if you will answer. Quick reference; there is no correct answer just differences in opinions, knowledge, and strategies.

Question two: when confronted with an overwhelming [e.g] the Alamo, in no way to win battles scenario, what is the best way to buy time, so one may build forces, reinforced facility etc. etc.

Question three: what is your opinion about online adversaries, humans, versus non-player characters?

No I don't work for a company, nor am I taking poll. I simply curious because I've never played a city building that was is the warfare versus economic growth. Thank you in advance for your courteous answers whether you only chose to field one or all you my appreciation. And no I will not be responded trolls or individuals who are impolite. Thanks again.


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Question 1: I would highly suggest placing a supply pad then your leader temple, then a shield and what you want after that.  This combo will give you supplies and provide your first power level as well as a leader.  Depending on who you use as the covenant, well I would recommend you go into a skirmish with each character and try out what units are the quickest to build and able to withstand an initial rush.  Also aim to have your leader powered up at least once as fast as you can.  Trial and error are the best ways to try out the covenant.  

Question 2: I would recommend that you not get in an Alamo situation, not easy to get out of unless you have teammates to help you out or a fully upgraded leader or leader abilities.  

Question 3: Other players are as predictable as the A.I. you can tell by someones rank whether they are a rusher or a point padder.  If someone is a General they are most likely gonna try and rush and keep the pressure on.  If they are not a General they will most likely go for the longer game so that they can get more points in the end for their multipliers so that they can rank up.  This is not always the case but is a fairly common experience especially for me.  The A.I. always rushes with covenant so expect that.  As humans they will most likely rush as well but they are easier to defend against.

There is a lot more I could say but there are some basic answers to your questions.

Hay thanks for the tips, I be getting to this game next week and I will try out the starting strategy you advised.

Never build a shield third against good players.  You WILL lose.