halo wars. english, mature gamer needed

this general cheev is going to take months..lol..how many points do i need, a million ?, currently on around 327255.. colonel

would be nice to have a few good games with a mature gamer from england,--- age and available time to play...!!

its just getting really annoying, trying to have a game on random 3v3, then young americans pulling out,, then me and team mate getting hammered..it winds me up..!

is it too much to ask, WIN OR LOOSE, i just want a good game....


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its 960k or 980k points to general, it does take awhile...but its better then the original 3.5m or so to general.

cheers for the reply my freind..this will take a while..lol..currenty on 359276

How do you check your stats on Xbox Live multiplayer, It's not in service record, as far as I know. Also, I would play with you, but alas, I am American, not English.

go to where your stats are then move right to the multiplayer, and your rank and points is there...or go to leaderboards,,or even go to halo waypoint...

hope it did n`t offend any one, but its mainly kids from the usa who pull out, leaving me annoyed..

im on most nights monday to thursday, poker league tuesday and tiger woods wednesdays at 8pm B.S.T..

age, *** and best time for you to be online ?  thanks..

*** maybe i should have wrote gender..lol..

can i please have a game with out young americans pulling out of the game after 30 seconds...?

There is nothing more annoying than the early quitters CHEEKY. I agree. However, if they quit on the OTHER team, I'll take the win!

Also CHEEKY, I highly recommend Deathmatch 2v2. You still have your quitters, but you won't waste nearly as much time if someone DOES quit. I play Deathmatch 2v2 all the time.

cheers mate, ill try the 2v2 later, see how we go...


just passed the 500,000 mark last week,, only another 450,000 to go,,,hoping its completed in another 3 years..lol