Halo Wars DLC - Will it ever go on sale?

Hi all,

So I've been playing Halo Wars a lot in the last few months. I actually bought it back in '10 but didn't play the MP a lot. I recently got back into it again, and I now really love this game. I would really like to buy its DLC.
But.. It's kind of overpriced, IMO. 20 euros (twice 800MSP) seems a lot for 4 maps, 3 new gametypes and just 200 extra GS for a 3 year old game. Especially when Halo Wars itself has just dropped to 15 euros here.  It was on sale a year back for a week I believe for 400 MSP each, which seems worth it.  So, will they ever consider doing it on sale again? A definitive price drop would be nice too. I think more people actually will buy the DLC, because if you just bought a game which is 15 euro you will most likely not spent 20 euros on its DLC.

Can I contact anyone about this? I would contact Ensemble studios via email but they don't exist anymore. Should I contact someone at Microsoft who has influence on the marketplace prices?




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I am sorry but you are wasting your time........They will not change the price. There might be a platinum version or something that will give you dlc with it, other then that sorry......

It's possible that it could go on sale again, but there is no guarantee, it's likely that it will go on sale when Halo 4 is released, because they will have some sort of Halo Deal of the Week.  Not really alot you can do about it though, they won't put it on sale because one person really wants it.  You'll just have to wait and be patient or pay the full price.  Make sure you check the deals of the week regularly, to make sure you don't miss out on it, you can check at http://majornelson.com/

They should release it as a Games with Gold and do the DLC for between 50% and 75% off. Then we will have more people to play with.

I was hoping when it went on sale they would discount the DLC.