Halo tips #2 !!!!

Okay, so I know I am getting worked up about people being idiots...and I know that Online is a horrible place...so I know all that, but allow me to vent - if you don't mind.


Halo tip:

Firefight Arcade is designed for you and (up to three) teammates to kill a seemingly endless rush of Covenant enemies.  The enemy is the F'ing covenant.  It is not okay to spend half the game shooting Rockets at me.  You should get your kills and let me try to get mine....It is not okay for you to watch as I get in a Ghost on the Beachhead map and then start shooting Rockets or FRGs at me.  I'm not the muther****ing enemy, for godssake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Halo tip #2:

While some circumstances may make it wise to stay put and hide...at some point...GET THE ***X*X* out of my way.   It's like old people doing 40 on a 75mph highway just farting around in the fast lane.  You're in my way!!!  Move!!!  In a Team vs.Team game, giving the other team a double kill (because I'm stuck behind you not getting out of the way) is completely against the point of the game.

Halo tip #3:

In Team Slayer...get weapons you know how to use.  I don't get the Sword because I have zero clue how to lunge.  Let someone who knows what they are doing get it.  Just they same...don't grab my Rockets if you're going to try to pick of jetpacking enemies in some cross-map attempt at heroics.  When you get the Needler and the enemy goes behind a well....STOP FIRING.  An un-used Needler has 48 Needles....stop wasting Needles firing at a dadgumn wall.

Halo tip #3b:

Be aware of what's going on around you.  On Sword Base...at the very beginning of the game there are 2 Needlers for the Blue team.  If one person is going to get one...they should get both.  96 Needles is a lot of kills and offers the person with that weapon an advantage against an unsuspecting opponent.  If you don't get the first one, don't take the second one.  Also, be aware of your surroundings.  There are times when a suicide (while still killing an enemy) may be the better play than not.  There's little sense in getting killed and turning over a RocketLauncher with 1 shot left. 

Halo tip #4:

Spartan Grenades bounces...Sticky Grenades don't.  There is a difference.

Halo tip #5:

I will concede that having fun may be more important than winning...but if our team is down 42-46 and we work to close the gap to make it 48-49....there is NO EXCUSE for you to run into a battle against two enemies (one with a Shotgun and one with a Sword).  Stop doing that. 

Halo tip #6:

The game is meant to be fun...but (to me) a part of fun is a challenge.  if the score is 30-11 (your advantage) and my 3 teammates quit (leaving me at a 4v1 disadvantage....try using pistols or something more challenging.  For a team of 4 to have 2 Swords, a Shotgun, a RocketLauncher and a Needler....against 1 person...that can't possibly be fun for you OR me.

Halo tip #7:

Learn maps. 

Halo tip #8:

Generally speaking, 2 beats 1...99% of the time.  If I am engaged in a Battle Rifle shootout with an enemy...feel free to join in and help me.  You don't need to wait until I die to begin firing.  yeah, you'll kill him...but I'm still dead.  Had you jumped in, we could have both been alive. 

If you bring a guest to play...help your partner out if he/she needs it.  It's great that you get 14 kills, but if your partner only contributes 1...then THAT is why we lost.  Listen, you're not always going to dominate every game.  In fact some...many...games you'll flat out stink.  That's understandable.  But you're ruining the game for other people when you have a guest who consistently only bring in a -10 k/d ratio game after game after game.

Halo tip #9:

Take a gander at the Daily Challenges menu.  If one of the challenges (like yesterday) is to get 2 Assassinations in a game...keep that in the back of your mind and keep an eye on your radar.  Someone IS sneeaking up behind you for a frickin' reason.  If the challenge (like today) is to kill 10 enemies while jetpacking...take a hint...people are probably going to be jetpacking more than usual that day.

Halo tip #10:

Rumble Pit and Team Slayer are two very different games.  Stop playing Team Slayer like you're the only person on your team.  If you and I are on the same team going against 2 enemies...don't hit your Sprint and run away without telling me you intend of leaving me out to dry. 

Halo tip #11:

USE YOUR RADAR.  Three times this weekend I had a teammate walk right by an enemy.  Either visualy or on your radar there is not possible way you could not have seen him.  The enemy kills me and then the teammate who is just wqalking around oblivious to the world. 

A circle usually indicates that the enemy is on the same level (same floor so to speak).  That little shaded triangle looking thing means he's either a floor above or below you.  For pete's sake...pay attention.








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Halo tip #12:

God-jesus, I almost forgot.  STOP TRYING TO MELEE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hate being teammates with people who could get a kill or help me from dying...but instead they're determined to run clear across the map and rufse to fire their gun because they wanna melee something.  STOP it!!  Generally speaking...maybe it's just me...but a face-to-face melee against a guy wielding a shotgun ain't gonna pan out in your favor.  Sorry, it's just not gonna happen very much.  This Halo game allows you to carry 2 weapon.  Many times, there are 3, 4, or 5 additional weapons you could pick up on any given map.  You don't need to be Captain Melee with every stinking kill.  

If you're in tight quarters...sure.  But for pete's sake, please, this ain't Karate Kid...nobody's screaming Sweep the Leg Johnny when you're ten feet away from a guy who's rattling off a full Battle Rifle clip on you.

The very idea that you're going to be successful by going bare-handed across the map to engage in a joust with a guy who has a 4 rocket Rocket Launcher at his disposal -- it's preposterous.  

I'm not saying never melee...use some common sense about it.