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  • so ive been playing halo reach for a long time offline and when i get online it says i have to give up some credits or else ill be a default spartan but when i do i loose all my armor so i restarted the xbox and went back to normal but then the next day it says the same thing about giving up some credits or else i will be a default spartan so i press yes again and when  i saw my rank i went from a Lt.colonel grade 2 to a sergeant grade 2 so i got pissed and restarted my xbox again but when i went online it didnt asked me about giving some credits and i saw that my rank had stayed the same in Sergent grade 2. Does anyone know what happen and if it is possible to fix this error?It took me a long time to get to Lt. colonel grade 2  sine i only play on the fridays through sundays

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That was supposed to happen.   When bungie.(I know 343i owns the game now) but when bungie designed reach they made it that way.  I don't know why but it just is.  Good luck on gaining your rank back.  I know how you feel.

its not an error

Bungie did this back in the day to even the ammount of Cr people could gain offline, cause they couldnt do the daily/weekly challenges, so they earned more creds offline, but once they go online some Cr and ranks and armor will get taken away to even things out between players offline going online

...It prevents boosting.