Halo Reach Weekly Challenges

This Sunday 6/10 - there were various daily challenges. I was able to accomplish the campaign ones, but the multiplayer I was not. I access the multiplayer
challenge, select the challenge and select "A" (Jump to an appropiate playlist). It immediately sets up the playlist, but it was not one that
qualified for the challenge.

The daily challenge was to play a multiplayer Firefight game on Overlook on Heroic. That didn't seem to be an option that came up. If you create a Firefight game
on Overlook on Heroic difficulty, the challenge indicated this was not possible at this time.

So I'm confused. Do you create the challenge or the system create it for you and if so - how does it happen?




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Challenges like that must be done in Matchmaking. The Challenge will explain in the description where it can be completed.

Any Multiplayer or Firefight Daily Challenges must be done in Matchmaking. Campaign Challenges can be done Solo or in Matchmaking. To my best knowledge, only one Firefight Weekly Challenge can be done in Custom Firefight as it does not specify where you can do it.


And don't worry about the "Heroic" part. By default, all Gametypes in Firefight Matchmaking are on Heroic difficulty.

^^^Nice name Fullmetal!

Yeah they need to be done in Matchmaking bro.

And the maps in Matchmaking Fire Fight are random, so there is no guarantee that the map you want will come up

You don't need to click on the actual daily challenge, you can choose your own game mode from multiplayer. Pick whatever you're good at. As for firefight the maps are random so you might wait a while on a specific map unless you play firefight score attack, then you have a better chance of getting the map you want. The only map you can choose all the time is anniversary but obviously you need the maps.

Well THIS weekly is AFK hated. I have yet to play a single Firefight game where there is not one AFK in the game with me. After the game I am polite about it and send a message to the AFK''er saying "Participation Appreciated" but it seems I'm getting negative rep just with that. People who go into a game without playing make waves come slower since i feel as though I'm doing most of the work (highest points during gameplay).

[quote user="Mister Carebear"]<snip>[/quote]Why not play in the Score Attack playlist instead? You play by yourself, no need to worry about other teammates, their participation, or lack thereof. Just you, your gun, your Armor Ability, and the enemies. Lots of them.


And you get all the credits to yourself. ;-)

I like the firefight challenges, and do them in Score Attack where possible. Sometimes though the challenge needs to be done in MPFF.

Yes, I see afk'ers too. They get an "avoid player - unsporting conduct" rep from me.

I knock these out in my sleep. soooo easy breh