Halo: Reach Server is down

Can't play Halo because it's telling me the server is down, is it just me or is this for everyone. If it is just me how can i fix it thanks.


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It's possible it has something to do with a scheduled maintenance today.

I'm getting the notification today as well.  Just me or everyone else?

I logged on and played a few games on the day of the OP, and found that my armour, emblem, controller settings, call sign and campaign ' progress ' had all been set to default. I even got the ' Welcome ' screen and Junuary TU update screen followed by the charater creation screen ( male / female ) .


None of this was any real big deal as it's all quite superficial. As luck would have it I have a near default armour colour, load out, and emblem anyway.


The campaign reset was a little annoying as it stopped me level selecting and I had to actualy watch ' Noble Actual ' again before I could clear out Winter Contingency, but again it's not a big deal ( other than the level select ) as I play a fair bit of campaign anyway ( solo Legendary in under 5 hrs )


All the campaign achievments remained intact and although the ' armoury ' was lit up with ' new ' stars, everything I had purchased before was still there and just had to be re selected.


Bungie.net remained unchainged throughout all this ( armour, campaign etc. )


Like I said, it was all harmless stuff really, just wondered if anyone else experienced anything similar as a result of the " Routine Maintenance " ?

Do you know when the "scheduled maintenance" will be finished?

Sometime Soon.