Halo: Reach Redemption code question

I got the Xbox Holiday pack for Christmas which comes with a code to download Halo Reach, but the instructions for entering the code seemed to be based on the old Xbox dashboard.  The instructions are:

1.  Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account. (check)

2. Press the silver/green Xbox Guide button on the controller.  (and now it's asking me whether or not I want to turn the console off)

3. Navigate to Marketplace tab. (There isn't one Marketplace tab.  There is the Games Marketplace tab, the Music Marketplace tab, Apps, etc.  I'm assuming they mean Games Marketplace, so I've been looking there.)

4. Select Redeem Code and enter code. (I see no such option anywhere in the Games Marketplace)

So how do I enter my code?


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Don't HOLD the Guide button down, simply press it. Holding it down brings up the option to turn off the controller or console, while pressing it allows you to access the guide. From there, you can scroll through to find the "Redeem Code" selection, and enter it there. OR, you can redeem it from here on Xbox.com. On the top navigation bar (the green one), hover over the "Xbox LIVE" tab and select the "Redeem Code" option. Enter the code there, and as soon as you turn your Xbox on again, your game will begin downloading.

Thanks for the help

Not a problem. Happy gaming!