Halo Reach Players, a shout out!

Hello All,

Im basically looking for some Halo Reach players to play with, im getting a little tired now of playing with a 'team' of people who refuse to use their mic's or use any kind of teamwork what-so-ever.

Im not a fantastic player by any means but playing with unknowns is not becoming more and more frustrating, especially when half the team also leaves before the end of the round.

So if you fancy getting together and having a laugh as well as playing the game as it was meant to be played then please give me a shout and add me to your list. Im on at all times of the day and night due to shift work so ill catch up with you at some point.

Thankyou for reading.



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How is the game meant to be played?

With a sense of community and team work around it?

I guess not :)

And here I thought Halo was all about blowing everything up with rockets!? I should really look into this community thing...

I'll send you a FR so we can both see how the game is ment to be played!

dude same here. hit me up with a friend request, ill be on tomorrow.


I may be wrong...but I believe that what Bob MAY be getting at is that everyone really has their own reason for playing and your personal interpretation of how a game is meant to be played may have nothing to do with another person's opinion.  I mean, Bungie (or Microsoft or anyone else for that matter) never put out a "how to play" manual.


That being said, I get what you are driving at and I agree with you (from my perspective.  I play to win.  For example, in a game of Team Slayer...I play for our team to get to 50 kills before the other team.  And - to me - that mean, I cover your back and you cover mine.  I let the sniper take the sniper rifle and I'll take the Rockets.  Someone else grab the sword and we go kick ***.  I play to win.  I rage when I get triple or quadruple teamed...because if there's three guys attacking me then where the **** are the rest of my teammates??  I don't try to pistol everyone down and I'm not going to run clear across the mother***ing map to melee someone when I have a perfectly good Rocket Launcher in my hand.  If we get more than 3 guys sniped in a row...I believe it becomes imperative that we act as a unit and eliminate the sniper.    


If this is the type of thing you're talking about then...good.  But remember, your interpretation of how it's meant to be played is simply that - your interpretation.  The fact that I agree with it doesn't make it law.

Yet another drop-dead sexy post, dude.

Feel free to add :)

I'll add you Flukey. I have a mic and all that good stuff.