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Me and my friend last night played Double Team playlist 2v2 and both got perfections i went 20-0 and my friend went 5-0 we shut them out . We just dominated those other guys it was pathetic lol but, i was just wondering if anyone remembers their first perfection on halo reach? Any thoughts?


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I remember my first perfection on HALO 3 and also the one on reach, some people may call me names and things cause I got it with the sniper and active camo but hey, it still counts
and also I find it weird that your partner got the medal since he was supposed to kill 15 guys and no deaths but nice dude, its always cool to get a perfection  

Oh Perfections... how I love them so! 


I've had a few, but not too many as I stick to Objective based gametypes mostly. 


To be honest, once I get that big 15 in a row I'll usually be a lot more cautious if my team is dominating, like 30+ kills and dependent on how many AFK players or players that quit. I hate to pad my stats by spawn killing or just killing the same AFK players over and over so. 


I think I've had 3 or so actual Perfections, where it was a close match between both teams but I had an amazing game!

   Nice Job.


   It actually took me forever to get my first perfection. I got it three weeks ago in Swat on Swordbase. I actually got two this weekend; one Saturday and one just about an hour ago.

Must have been that Powerhouse game. Those guys went 25-0? Were they even playing at all?


Anyway, I don't remember my first Reach Perfection (11 total) but I know I've got some in SWAT, Big Team and Team Slayer. Maybe in another playlist too, maybe not, I don't remember.


I remember my first Perfection in H3 though (113 total). Team Slayer on Narrows, playing with a bunch of my mates who all shared the same name. Innocently enough, I didn't even know the medal existed .

I can't remember my first...cause it hasn't (and I'd be quite shocked if it ever did) happened yet.

it was on powerhouse thats what is so funny about it how do u not get a single kill playing halo there (and i mean all of the halo games). i never played a doubles match where i didn't get at least ten kills.

Dont think I have one. Too aggressive a player to get perfections. A few times ive been 1 kill away or on the 15 and then had one of my teamates kill me. Its the same group of people I play with all the time and they do it for a laugh. I'd be just as quick to do it to them though.