IT'S TIME TO TAKE A BREAK FROM PLAYING HALO REACH BEFORE I DO SOMETHING DRASTIC LIKE SNAPPING THE DAMN DISK INTO.  I don't know if its due to lag or if my skill set has dropped but I can't even kill a fly anymore. 


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Ha ha, that happened to me when I finally got my inclement weather armour effect. I couldn't shoot to save my life! I played some other games for a while, came back to Halo and since, I've been a one man death machine!

I took a break from Reach for about 2 months, and it REALLY rejuvenated my interest, and skills too. I was playing terribly before I quit, and now that im back playing again, Ive been positive KD this whole time. A break will do you god man, consider leaving it be for more than just a weekend. Go pick up another game for the time being, Reach will still be there. :)

Ya that's what I am doing.  Ima take a break and come back on Monday.

   As others have said, "Take a break".


   Whenever I get to the point where I start to struggle continuing to play just makes me more and more frustrated, making me struggle even more. When this happens I put the game down for the remainder of the weekend; then when I come back to it with a new frame of mind, I find myself doing much better.

i wonder what is causing the lag?

Don't blame the game for a human condition.  You're burnt out.... it happens to the best of us.  Taking a break is a wise move.  Look at it like this, when you do come back, after a certain"breaking in" period, you'll probably be even better than you are now.

Kandy. You are not alone. Im there right now also. Instead of repeated frustration, I went down and picked up some older games Ive been wanting to play, but never got around to. Reach will still be there when Im done.

Kandy Man, I feel your pain.  I've been there.  We all have.  It is time to take a break.  When you come back, it will be better.  I promise.