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Looking for some Halo Reach online friends until Gears 3 in Sept. All my online friends play COD games, so I'm mostly by myself with randoms. Drop me a FR.
I'll be on in between my work days. Cheers!


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im down to play halo with you i will let ou know in not very good

I'm looking for people to play matchmaking with as well. I'm on the east coast and play late at night mainly. (9pm-2am) I like playing big team the most but randoms usually just team kill and fight over weapons causing us to lose. Unfortunately I can't talk in the mic alot as I usually have my baby sleeping near me while I play and it wakes her up. I would be another person trying to help you win though instead of killing you for the sniper. I don't care about your skill as long as we are trying to win and your not yelling in the mic. Respond here or send me a friend request on live.

add me if you want to play (: i'm alright at reach

I'll like to join. I just got a xbox.

I would like to join too. I'm starting to feeling that I'm meeting too many aggressive random players..(met two immature kids today..)

I might not use mic sometimes, but I would be glad to play just some simple games. Add me anytime! :)

I might be thinking to join ya if you wanna play sometime. I mostly play BTB or Invasion on Matchmaking and I'll play anything on Custom Games. I might join you in GoW 3, too. ;)

If you want you can send me a FR. I mostly play all playlists except for MLG and swat. Mostly BTB or the dlc maps.

any one with a mic can add me, i usaly play a little of everything, mainly btb

you can add me too. If you want.

Add me I love BTB and also custom games(Infection always but dont mind playing slayer as long as the map is awesome).