HALO REACH Credits offline and online HELP

My Halo Reach Stats
Offline im ranked "LEGEND" tantalisingly close to my next rank "MYTHIC" 5 mill+Credits.

My Question

If i athenticate my online credits will i still maintain my offline rank and armour unlockables when playing offline?

If i athenticate what Rank would i be online and offline??

Will i see a faster ranking up online than offline ranking up levels???

What rank do you have to be to be able to play matchmacking playlist co op campaign????   (  If i was to athenticate my credits would i qualify to play this mode/game?? )

I have played for over a year now Offline on Reach and do not want to be set back 28 ranking places and have my unlocked armour re-locked ....


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All of your credits will carry over once you get on Live.  The rank you are holding now will be the rank you will be online.  As long as you did it legit.  If you did, I'm rather impressed you knocked out that many Cr during your offline play.

Well I really don't know how you could rack up enough credits completely off line to get to the back end of Legend. Either way, something wasn't quite right, as you are currently a Colonel Grade 1


Curious indeed.

Playing offline yields FAR more credits than playing online since there are less opportunities to earn them. Thus, if you go online, your credits will be balanced out to everyone else. It wouldn't be fair if someone could boost themselves to Inheritor offline by AFKing countless hours in Firefight (without getting banned, since you're offline) only to log online and have all of their credits and their rank still in tact. It's just to balance online ranks with offline ranks.


So to answer your question in short, yes, playing online now will demote you and take some of your credits away. However, any armor that you've already unlocked will remain that way. No mimimum ranks are required for any playlists.

Hmmm...well I made it to Warrant Officer Grade 2 then I switched to Live.  It demoted to Sergeant and I had to rank back up again (pain in the butt).  Thank goodness I am now a Lt. Colonel Grade 3.



SO i can get easy armor if I play disconnected, get ranked up, buy the armor, and go back online? Will I still be able to wear them? That doesn't sound right...

Yes, you'll still be able to wear them, even though cR will be taken away and you may not be the proper rank online. Howver, I really wouldn't recommend doing that if you like matchmaking. It may sound "easier", but I'm sure it gets FAR more boring playing by yourself all the time, repeating campaign missions and doing solo firefight.

I play solo firefight by myself anyways, lol. Multiplayer in this game is boring for me, mainly because there are like 2 maps that I enjoy, and they're remakes of old maps.

Ah. Then maybe you could benefit after all. But then again, why customize a Spartan if not to show them off?

Custom games. Whenever they're going to start, if ever.

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