Halo Reach achievements gone?

My Halo Reach achievements are set to zero? But when I click on them there all there ( shows all the pictures )  I should have a 980 score??

A while back I formated my harddrive and re-downloaded my account, could it be this? But then i seen an article on the net saying that XBL is acting strange an people where losing there achievements for no reason?


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Might have something to do with the Halo website itself.I was looking at the usual Bungie site for daily challenges and it looks like Bungie has 'left the building'.Apparently 343 finally took hold of the stats for the Halo Universe and they're not quite done with the changeover.

I'd say give it a day or two and see if that's it.

This happened long before the stat switch between bungie and 343i though.

On your GT it shows 0

Something very similar happened to me awhile back. What ended up fixing it was redownloading my profile.

This isn't my main tag.. I just use this in forum posts and what not Zane.

I might have to give that a try JBON.

Anybody got anymore ideas as to why this may have happened?

I have the same issue.

The night before I had them all and the next day they were gone.

I will be trying the re-downloading my profile thing.

Did you cheat some of those achievements? If you did, that might be the reason because Microsoft resets gamerscore and achievements too. If that isn't the reason, then you might want to contact Microsoft with this.

@ DankVenture   Yeah, they switched it over awhile ago... And unfortunately, my character was in Valentines Day colors to celebrate, so now anyone who looks at my character  on the bungie site thinks I'm not straight. :/

Anyways, BRiNGBACK, I suggest you report the lost achievments to microsoft, or just see if you can re-do them and get the gamerscore.