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[quote][quote]Check us out on Face Book! Check us out on Google Plus! Follow us on Twiiter! Got a smart phone? Check out our QR Code! Scan that QR Code with a QR app. on a smart phone and get taken directly to our info! Don't forget to check out our group montages![/quote] We have established forums for Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4. We will continue to be the TOTAL Halo experience!

Why endure the agony of playing with an ad-hoc team of randoms you may never play with again? Why force yourself to tolerate randoms spewing profanity in your ear, or screaming like toddlers if you go negative or don't have a high enough K/D? Or worse, play with people that might try to convince you to cheat?

Now is the perfect time to join the friendliest group of Halo players around. We check our membership request queue throughout the day, so no one sits in it longer than 24 hours. 

Now is the perfect time to become a member of Midland Base!

[quote]We already have forums for Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 4! We are the TOTAL Halo experience![/quote]

We have completed integrating our new eight post per month minimum participation requirement into our group with our full deployment of new ranks to our group that are obtained based on forum post count.

We have also consolidated our list of in group ranks and in group awards into one chart so it is very easily understood.
You can see our ranks and awards here:
Midland Base ranks and awards
We are still a group. We have no minimum skill requirement, and do not require you to change your gamer tag, call out, emblem, armor permutation, or colors. 

We also have  a lot of group montages on our website that will let you see how fun it is to play with us: Midland Base Montages

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We offer a wide array of Halo options. Here's a small sample:

-Discussion forums and group on line play for Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 3, and Halo Wars.

-Interested in making screenies or custom fan art? We have members that do screenies and fan art.

-Like to make montages? We have an entire forum dedicated to montages and help making them.
-We have forums dedicated to our members in Europe, and in Australia and New Zealand. If you live in these places we really want you on board to join the others in our group that are in your area.

-Like to forge & do customs? We have an active cadre of map forgers and customs makers.

We have a lot more to offer, these are only the highlights.

We are the TOTAL Halo experience


And remember, if Halo is your game don't waste time with a multi-game, multi-platform group that has to divide its attention between different games and hardware technologies.
Come see what a Halo only group is like, come check us out.


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