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Hey guys I wrote an idea I had in the wishlist feedback and at the time did not know about this general discussion forum.  But it is about a few Halo ideas I had and wanted to see what any of you thought about it and see what you all would like to see in the future Halo games.  Needless to say, here is the link. Hope you enjoy! 



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I agree with bringing the multiplayer back to a more original style, everyone starts with the same load out and the powerful weapons are scattered through the map, no perks and no classes. I wouldn't be against playing as other characters, but that would have to be a completely separate playlist as that's coming a little close to playing as a class.

I want everything to be pretty damn even and not everyone choosing the elite because of a certain over powered ability or whatever. I don't really mind about the ranking system as most are enjoyable to me, but I don't think we'll ever get to see that happen. It's all about perks and load outs these days.

Perks and loadouts are a very good point.  But I think that is the huge flaw of Halo.  Halo was different from COD in that way until they changed it.  I would absolutely love if they at least give us an easier ranked option to play with everything stripped down like the old days!

When I was talking about playing as different characters I meant it as a separate playlist.  But i just thought it would be something different and new to the series that could be neat.  Balancing and all that for what characters do what would not be how i described it but that would just have to be tested.

But if they were to do it like the old days they could integrate players more into the game by maybe adding more dynamic maps or like even pulling a battlefield and doing things like rush and expanding maps.  or make a new game mode where the enemy team would have to steal Cortana from another enemy player and return to base or give that player a temporary boost or something would be neat. There are just several ways they can change it up to make people feel like they are in the game more.  I thinkI would really like a game mode having to deal with stealing Cortana or something like that.  

I wouldn't mind going back to basics. I think that was pretty cool but the downside of it is that people gravitate to one part of the map that has the fabled rocket launcher O_o

I hope the load outs get removed along with the weapon drops and perks.

Usually they just add a game mode in or a playlist to cater for both preferences but I agree, less is more when it comes to MP FPS.

I miss being able to duel wield weapons in Halo.

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I don't mind the new mechanics. The weapon drops aren't all that different than strategically placed power weapons. I just want to see a return to more original map design. Newer ones are more circular 'spawn anywhere' types, while the old were more U-shaped or straight lined, where bases were more polar and just getting to the opposing base was half the work. Can't really put my finder on it exactly since some old favs were sometimes circular, I just know I despised Halo 4's maps and only lasted a few months before I quit playing it.

Rumor has the the next Halo is gonna be open world like Red Dead Redemption

Personally, after playing Halo 4, I loved that they unified the abilities that used to belong to equipment that you could just "throw out" in Halo 3 (although I hated the appearance of the devices on the back of the character models in both Reach and Halo 4). You didn't have to go across the map to find them; you just had it and could activate it whenever with variable cool-down times depending on the ability. However, when it comes to the weapons, I think I preferred having the weapons placed on the maps because it helped influence map flow into areas of the map players may not otherwise go to. It also helps eliminate the randomness of weapon drops from Halo 4. You can get the power weapon you want by going to a specific spot on the map instead of wanting a rocket launcher and only getting a gravity hammer, for example.