Halo History Help?!

Hello all my good forum friends =)

Would just like a bit of input, info, resources, links and the like, or even suggestions for for a book im starting to write for my graphic design class, to briefly sum up the objective its going to be a small book telling a brief story/history of the Halo universe with illustrations by myself, i do know a bit but would appreciate help from some of the more seasoned hardouts  on necessary content =)



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Well obviously, you'll need the basis of the entire story behind the Halo rings--the Forerunners and what-not.

I'd also recommend telling detail about the Covenant and what their goal is and same with the UNSC.


If you have any questions, I'd love to explain the universe to you. I know a handful of knowledge about Halo so just shoot me a message and I'll try to answer any questions you have. :)

Cool man, thats a start, at the moment im just making a story board of the layout, to see what sort of content im going to have, and allthough its not a book thats going to be sold, i want to approach it correctly so that it might appeal to any halo fan or someone interested, I sure will message you once i start diving in a bit more!

Yeah I understand. Writing is a very long process. But whenever you start getting into details/etc., just send me a message. :)


Anytime. :)

you sir need to take some pics to your ilustrations, cause I really really REALLY want to see them :)

Halo waypoint... which you can easily get to by hitting start while on Halo Reach and scrolling all the way down and clicking where it says WAY POINT has all the history you can ask for.. and more.

I think you might want to choose a period and theme first.... do you want to deal with the UNSC or the Covenant? The period Halo 1 takes place in or Halo 2? Halo 3? Reach? Perhaps the Forerunners? The reason the Rings exist.... the Covenant and human interest and belief around the rings... the war pre-Ring discovery? The Flood and the reaction their presence caused?


I don't know but I personally would choose a general place to start and keep it fairly focused.

@ Modest, the brief is due in 3 weeks, so i have started working on the illustrations (in adobe illustrator) a few days ago, when the whole thing is done i will post a digital copy of the book for those interested!

@FreakasaurusRex, waypoint is pretty good for the history, i guess what im trying to get out of you guys is what you the actual Halo players see important or interesting as some good points to put into my book without getting too carried away!

@Bob, im kinda aiming for a broad history of the Halo universe with a small piece on many important events or tidbits, eg > forunners > flood > the ark > halo array > ring firing > UNSC colonising > oni > spartans > harvest > reach > John 117 > halo 1 > halo 2 > halo 3 > MC frozen in space with cortana........

thats basically what im thinking i need to compact alot of info, and i want to get a spread as to what you guys feel as important or not, ultimately i want a fan or someone new to pickup the book and be interested without being overwhelmed with info =)

ok lets give this a shot, shall we? 100,000 years before Halo 1: forerunners ignite halo rings and utterly wipe their hands of the flood. 100,000 years later, humans have risen up to power in space, and humanity is now a major player in space. the San-shyuum(AKA the prophets) have control over a conglomerate of alien species known collectively as the covenant. this "covenant" sees humanity as a major threat to their beliefs, and begin wiping out human colonies. while attacking the human stronghold of Reach, 1 ship manages to get away. that ship was the Pillar of Autumn, which contains the individual called the Master Chief. the Pillar of Autumn makes a blind jump to the planet Threshold, and orbiting the planet is a Halo Ring. Chief blows up the ring, and the covies get very, very upset at this. all the while, Chief and Cortana get away in a Sabre, and make it back to Earth. The Chief gets an armor upgrade, and gets awarded some medals alongside Major Johnson. its after this that the Prophet of Regret manages to stumble upon Earth and Earth gets its space defenses ravaged. Chief and Cortana manage to survive the attack and go after Regret and kill him. while all that is happening, the elite in charge, Thel Vadam, gets stripped of his rank and honor due to the events of Halo 1. He gets approached by the Prophet of Truth and gets "promoted" to the rank of Arbiter. this is also when the covenant civil war starts to happen. shortly after, the flood starts coming back and the flood mastermind, the Gravemind, grabs the Arbiter and teleports him to where the gravemind is. Chief kills Regret and the structure they were on gets destroyed and the Gravemind grabs Chief. Now the Arbiter and the Chief meet face to face. the Gravemind tells the Arbiter that his religion is a bunch of poopie, and the arbiter believes him. the gravemind teleports the two heroes to different locations, with the arbiters being near the control room of the halo ring, and with chiefs being on the covenant capital city of High Charity. the arbiter manages to stop the firing of the ring, and chief manages to hitch a ride on Truths ship back to earth. while on Earth, the chief crashes and johnsons squad finds him. the arbiter casually strolls back in from a patrol and the chief wants to kill him. johnson tells chief to shove the pistol where the sun doesnt shine and the battle for earth has officially begun. while on earth, they discover a forerunner structure that creates a portal to all of the Halo Ring systems control center, the Ark. the human and elite forces manage to get to the main control room of the Ark, and they shut it down and kill Truth. they also discover that the Ark had a replacement ring for the one that Chief blew up way back in Halo 1. the chief and the arbiter go to this new ring and destroy it. in the process of going through slipspace, the ship that the arbiter and the chief on gets split in two pieces, with the Arbiters half getting back through to earth, and the chiefs half getting through to an unknown location. and that leads us into where Halo 4 begins.

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