Halo Had Lost It's Way Without Master Chief According To Microsoft.

When Halo 3: ODST and then Halo Reach came out without starting Master Chief after Halo 3 (Halo Wars does not count) the fans were asking a few questions about him.


Now after an interview OXM UK, Spencer said the following:



"The key question for me in managing the studio and the creatives is 'what is Halo?,' making sure Halo lives up to what I think gamers fell in love with [playing Combat Evolved]... What does that mean? Playing Master Chief. We kind of lost our way a little bit, I’ll say. And that’s why I wanted to make sure that at the unveiling of Halo 4, you knew you were playing Master Chief, that John was back. Because Master Chief is the John Wayne character of that universe, and that’s who you want to play."


Now since the company is refocusing the Halo Series for the fans, do you think that Halo CE Anniversary Edition and Halo 4 will live up the hype as well as Master Chief starting again on both games? Is playing as Master Chief even necessary for the franchise to thrive?


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No, Reach honestly killed it for me.

Reach was my favorite. It actually had more emotion than the emotionless super soldier. ODST while short had a really interesting story.

Halo lost its way a long time ago, and its got nothing to do with master chief lol

I think what i hated the most about reach where the Loadouts in MP they should have never put them in from the start . The Singleplayer for all halo games were always pretty average imo, except for CE.

My opinion = more sequels that should not have been made (past Halo 3) but will still make tons of money anyways.

I hate M$.


Halo 3 ODST and Reach lost Halo's way because Bungie made it! Halo Wars didn't have Master Chief, but since M$ studio's made it. It didn't. Halo Wars rocked and is more Halo than Reach/ODST, even though it's an RTS!

It was cool seeing Master Chief return in Halo2 but that should've been the end of it. There's only so many times he can be super man before it becomes really boring and predictable. Now MS is gonna milk it for the fanboys and further alienate the rest of us. Have fun with that I'm probably done with the series unless it does something that's impossible to resist, which is pretty doubtful.

Master Chief is the best character is the game, I don't want to play as these other pansy-@@@ characters. I want to be Master Chief and its about damn time MS realised that.

Judging by some of the comments here I must be the only person who actually likes Halo: Reach. Only thin I dislike is Armour Lock spam, but other than that I don't really have any issue against the game. It offers everything I look for in a game so is good value for money which just can't be said for alot of games nowadays.

For me ODST was the best, followed by Reach

MC is the real pansy, He relies on all these supersoldier upgrades to get the job done. The ODST guys are the real deal. They are normal Humans with Spec Forces training.

And the Noble team, well they are in the middle, because, with the exception of Jorge, they are all cheap copies of the original Spartans.  Yet they do the job as good as if not better than MC. Seems to me MC isn't pulling his weight if he has all the upgrades and these Normal Humans and Knock off Spartans can do the job just as well.

I still enjoy ODST and am trying to convince a friend of mine who is on the fence to get it. He's not a Halo fan because he doesn't like the idea of MC being a super soldier, but he likes the idea of ODST because they are normal humans with superiro training.

Halo didn't lose it's way with ODST or Reach, because while these stories don't feature MC, they do take place in the Halo Universe and add to it with new stories and points of view we would not get just playing as MC. I think they Compliment the Halo Universe quite well.

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