Halo grinds to a halt

Playing Halo 10th Anniversary while fighting the flood in a system linked co-op my Xbox ground to a halt because there was far too much trying to happen on screen at once, it wasn't network lag which seems to be happening while playing online co-op, it was definitely a huge reduction in frame rate, just to confirm this I played the scene several times and each time was the same.

Could this have anything to do with being able to switch to the old graphics?

Are there two graphics engines running at the same time?

Even playing it as a single campaign I've not been overly happy with the frame rate.


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probably to the first yes to the second and you have to remember the engine is 10 years old and do you have it installed to your hard drive? if you do try reinstalling if you dont try installing it.

Don't have it installed on the Hard Drive, maybe they should have seen this while testing it.

To be honest I think having the old style graphics in the game is just a gimmick and should have been left out.

I think it's quite shameful that the developers of such a high profile game let this happen, it just takes the shine of such an enjoyable game.

I've yet to have any serious frame-rate issues. Maybe your Xbox is about to take a dump.

Just to be sure; you only experienced the frame rate issue when playing local coop?