Halo Command - Web Based Game!

Hey All,

Just looking here inside the depths of the Xbox Forums to see if anyone is interested in my upcoming web based Halo Game - naturally set in the Halo Universe, it's a mix of web based strategy, text based, rpg and now with a recently (today) announced 3D Component for completing missions! It's a community project, and is free, and as such is legal through the 'Xbox Rules' (see bottom of post). 

The game puts players in the captains seat of a new UNSC Vessel, where you must purchase units to join your army and complete various missions throughout the Halo Universe! Buy a variety of units from the halo universe and make your army as efficient as possible, upgrade units, trade with other players, or battle to reach the top of the leaderboards! The game is going to be as canon safe as possible thanks to some community experts!

It's all going to be done through the site which I am building. It's taking time, and is currently only on local testing for a lot of features, but you can sign up and register for news :)

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please reply :)


Thanks for reading

Halo Command was created under Microsofts Game Content Usage Rules using assets from Halo,Microsoft Corporation 


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I think you should ask them for the license and add achievements to the game.

Aha, I am not sure if that is a compliment or if you are schooling me on Legal matters :P

Um, wouldn't that be a liscensing issue with 343i? Unless you got their permission...

OP what I saying. It would be better off as a official HALO web game. And you can make it connected to XBOX LIVE. And it would have better expositor then it is now.  To get you development brand throw the door. You need exposed yourself with either a original idea or a licensed ip that done right and have things people like about the game. Those  days in HALO games. Good names for achievements would make more interesting as well a good story and gameplay.  get those thing in one game. You would get a lot of people want to played the game. And a lot people in your web game site. The more will signed up for your site. But you first must make it official HALO web game. And do the three thing I have said. Because you would miss a good chance that either become a great indy web developer. Or become part of major company like MICROSOFT. A lot of indy developer fail because they didn't exposed themselves enough to get gamers to care about there games and there brand.  

Dakrk I understand, but I can't just make it for XBOX LIVE, It's a different platform, as far as I am aware XNA is gone, no longer supported. I may put it on to the ONE when it comes out though..

SpecOperations9 - it is not a licensing issue - if you check the Game Content Usage Rules.

Think this way. You get a lot more people over with LIVE then not. And u new on programing. LIVE is not limited to the XB360. It on GFW,WP7&8,win8,web and soon XB1.

Ironically the game has to be change its name due to Halo Command not being allowed :'(


They just give you permission to use Halo to make a web game???

If t because of legal notes you got in the mail. I told you so to ask MS first. Because they have legal right over HALO and not you.  And if you have. You would be supported by them. And make it the best web game ever with the HALO name.  Don't go that I didn't told you so.

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