Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is it going to be a online multyplayer game does anyone know


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online multiplayer, on all the original maps, re-mastered of course.

if you look at the vidio they are saying systeme link only

Oh, i was just going by what i'd heard.

dont understand what you mean

Halo CE A will be multiplayer online using the REACH engine. It will have SOME maps of Halo 1 and 2. You get these when your purchase the game. You do not need Reach to play Halo CE A in multiplayer but if you do have reach you can install the maps and have them in that game when you play multi.

Any other questions?

where can i get proof that it will be online ,semd me a link

It will be online for multiplayer (using the Reach engine and abilities. So armor lock etc, customizable spartan's etc.) Basically it's just the Halo Maps redone but for play in reach.

It will support two player co-op online for campaign as well. But only two player.

I don't need to send a link. I don't need proof. It is fact. Believe me or don't. You will see on November 15th for yourself that I am right.

It's MP is essentially Halo Reach. Some time this month, Halo is getting an update. This update is including CE's Pistol, removal of Bloom on weapons like the DMR and bleed trough on shields. Other changes are:

Modify Armor Lock.
• Sticky grenade will not be nullified if you use Armor Lock after being stuck.
• Damage received while in Armor Lock is transferred to remaining Armor Ability energy.
• How much the damage depletes your Armor Lock energy is configurable.

Modify Active Camo.
• Reduce the bonus time the player gets in Active Camo while standing still.
• Reduce the overall length of time the player can be in Active Camo.

Remove Sword block.
• Disable the ability to block Sword attacks using melee with anything other than another Sword.

Now the anniversary edition will have Reachs MP (with the update already out) and will have exclusive maps on the disc only fr owners the Anniversary Edition. At least for now. They may come out as DLC later. The maps are remakes of CE (and Halo 2s but I'm not sure) maps.

From what I have heard sometime at the mid or end of september/october, there will be a title update for Halo Reach that will have Beta hoppers that will allow the community to try out the tweaks and changes, provide feedback to improve the tweaks mentioned by Statik Jack.

Also not all of Reach is going to be modified gameplay wise afterwards, the people that like Reach's gamestyle and gametypes can play Vanilla reach playlists and the people that like and prefer the changes will have a classic playlist with the changes.

So it is a win-win for the Reach fans and the Classic halo fans :) Plus we get to have a say in what needs to be done with classic.

Since it wouldn't let me edit my post here is a link to the news: Halo Waypoint

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