Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Mutliplayer Info [RUMORED]

Hello everyone, if you're reading this you're probably as excited for Halo CEA as I am. Well I was doing some research last night on Bing to see if there was any multiplayer info for CEA. I found an article about some interview with Frank O' Connor that I don't know if it was true or fake.

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@Fullmetal1986 [:P] Lol.

@ Nobel 29 I believe it will work both ways if this is true. You will be able to play Anniversary maps on Reach and Reach maps on Anniversary.

[quote user="Major Luck777"]Remember, this is either true or fake. I'm not telling the truth nor lying. [/quote]Well, which is it?! Tell me!! WHAT DO I BELIEVE?!!!!


All silliness aside, interesting find. Halofest is around the corner though, maybe something will come up there.

That doesn't make much sense. Why would you download a content pack for Reach, but only be able to play the maps using the CE disk? I think we'll be able to download the 7 maps to Reach and play them using the Reach disk. I don't think we'll be able to access the full Reach multiplayer from the CE disk. That's just what makes sense to me.

Sorry guys, I can't edit this post. The forums have been messing up for me recently and I can't use rich formatting. Anywho, here is a link to the article that I found the info on: elite-gamers.biz/showthread.php

Remember, this is either true or fake. I'm not telling the truth nor lying.