Halo: CEA information.

Haven't seen this posted here but 343i released a bunch of information about Halo: CEA and a little bit about the Title Update. Everyone crying will be happy to know that the Title Update is going to try and add in the feel Halo 1 had along with the overpowered Pistol.


""More importantly," he added, "we're working on a title update for Reach and obviously for this that'll allow us to add some of the classic functionality and gameplay from the original multiplayer component [in Combat Evolved]. In some ways taken backwards, taken back to the sort of simpler... more elegant Halo experience." 


That was a quote. He also added that some stuff might have to be cut if it doesn't fit well. But right now he said everything is going as planned.


Forge will be added to the CEA maps also.


"We're putting new Forge build pieces in the maps," O'Connor said. "A good example is Beaver Creek. You want to make that map a little bit bigger, so we've added some tunnels and stuff. In the classic mode it'll be blocked off, but you can take that out in Forge. With the Forge, all the stuff that works in Reach multiplayer with work in the multiplayer component of this."


So to me this looks like 343i is going to make CEA more than we thought it would have been.


I got all the information here from http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/715011/halo-combat-evolved-anniversary-edition-details-343s-frank-oconnor-talks/

There is also a lot more talk about CEA in there.

I'm not sure how to post links.


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Sounds good. I'm fine with all of this. Thumps up to 343i.

sounds good so far

I believe that most of the title update "Fixing" is going to fix obvious bugs and glitches currently in Reach. However, when Frank said that it will have a more classic feel, this leads me to believe that there will be toggle options to turn Reach mechanics such as Bloom on or off. I think there will be other options like that as well.

Why would there be a toggle to turn bloom on or off? That would leave a disadvantage to players that have it turned on.

I think they are just going to put Combat Evolved mechanics in Reach. Such as: no bloom, CE's weapons, higher jump height, etc. I would think it would be kind of like Team Classic but better because it's on actually made CE maps and only CE's weapons.

"Why would there be a toggle to turn bloom on or off? That would leave a disadvantage to players that have it turned on".


I presume that's an option for Customs, given that many people don't like the bloom option and I've heard that suggestion a couple of times now.

Bob beat me to it. Like he said, IF there is a toggle option or an increase/decrease weapon power option, it would most likely affect custom game types. MAYBE 343i would make a dedicated playlist for it, but don't get your hopes up. Just wait and see what they give us.

Well, seems that 343i is going to do more than we expected in the TU, even add new forge items.


Sounds like we're going to get more than we asked for...

like bloom or not, it has been there, just not visible. keep up constant fire makes weapons less accurate. don't know why everyone complains about something thats always been there.