Halo Ce Lag, When will is be fixed ?


When you buy a game it must meet standards our the game should not be launched and when bugs arrive their is an agreement that they will be fixed by the game developer.

Halo CE CO-OP is not working for most users over Xbox live now if the case is with Xbox live then the game developer has the right to do nothing about it because Xbox live is not their service but we know and the game developer know that Xbox live is not the problem and it reverts to the game having a problem.

By Law when you buy any piece of software it must meet the requirements in a document that would be sent to the game developer to crate and it must meet those requirements where necessary and the buyer should expect those requirements to work by default at an appropriate standard.

Now Halo CE CO-OP may work but it is not working at an appropriate standard by experiencing major lag/fraim rate issues when playing over Xbox live.

In my opinion and the evidence I have collected the game should be fixed by a necessary patch to meet the appropriate standards for CO-OP play over Xbox live and the necessary approach should be on going right now or at least a plan to take an approach to the problem as the fault has been there for sometime and still no solution or approach to fix the problem.


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It's getting very old seeing more and more games being released with major problems/bugs/glitches.  Though I agree games shouldn't be released broken, could you link whereit says, "By Law when you buy any piece of software it must meet the requirements in a document that would be sent to the game developer to crate and it must meet those requirements where necessary and the buyer should expect those requirements to work by default at an appropriate standard."  Did the developers state that their product will work flawlessly without any problems (bugs, glitches, and lag)?  Did they state that if there does happen to be a problem which there won't be, they will fix it immediately?

I don't want to defend them, it's just games have problems.  As long as I can remember, certain games here and there have had their problems.  We as consumers can be proactive about avoiding defective products by doing our research before investing our money into a said product.   After experiencing game-breaking/game-ending glitches in Dead Island and hearing about the ones in Skyrim, I don't buy games at launch anymore.  I wait for the reviews and make sure they don't specify glitches as being a major problem.  If there are problems, I'm going to wait for the go ahead that they've been fixed.  Case in point: Resident Evil Raccoon City.  Besides some general bad stuff cited in the reviews, one after the other reviews said glitches and bugs are a major problem.  When I read these things I swapped my reservation money over to another game.  Maybe next time you want a new game you should give it a week or two to see if the reviews say anything negative about the functionality of the game. 

Many games have had, and still have lag problems over Live.  Many future games will those problems too.  I played Halo CE co-op over Live pretty much since day one and I too have had to deal with the frustratingly annoying lag problems.  If they haven't fixed it yet, don't cross your fingers.  Until I see proof about this law you're talking about that should compel them to fix the lag problem immediately, I'm not going to hold my breath that we'll see a fix.  I've always just assumed it's up to the developers whether or not they want to invest the time and money into patching things, not some law that says they have to.  I've always just assumed that when we hand the retailer our money, we're agreeing that we want the product as it is, not as we'd like it to be in a perfect world. 

If you look through the pages here on the forums, you'll see lag is a major problem.  With all that being said, I really hope the lag gets fixed because it would make the co-op mode much more fun.  However, I very much doubt after all this time they will fix it.  Either way, a $40 launch price was a steal for such a fantastic game. 

Software requirements LAW just google it.

There's no such "law," by the way.


If you want to bring this to better attention to 343i, I would suggest posting this on their forums. This forum here is only a discussion forum, not an official feedback forum for 343i.

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Software requirements LAW just google it.

[/quote]That's quite the simple answer (lazy in my opinion) for someone who said, "In my opinion and the evidence I have collected the game should be fixed..."  You're the one who collected this "evidence" on the matter.  Why don't you present this to us if you've found it, since you started a thread on the matter?  Since this is your argument, you need to show supportive data, not just tell people the law exists, and that they should do the research in order to believe you.  Please show us this law that should compel them to fix the lag immediately, or face prosecution under the full force of the law.  Since you already have gathered all the necessary data, it should be easier for you to find and show all of us this particular law, than it would be for me or another person to find it through Google.  Again this is your case you're bringing to us.  You should be the one to show the law(s).  In the real world, you would have to. 

I'll tell you right now I'm not going to Google it.  Besides feeling that that was a lazy and a cop-out of an answer, I just don't think the law you're referring to, exists.  Of course pretty much everything is governed by some sort of a law; I just don't think there's a particular software law that says a product can't be buggy, glitchy, or laggy, in any way.  I don't believe the law you're talking about says if video games don't meet standards of perfection, they need to be patched to perfection.  And who determines what standards need to be met in the patch?  Does there just need to be a certain level of functionality?  If so, one could argue there already is and always has been with Halo CE Anniversary.  The co-op lag might be very annoying, but I was able to play through the game a few times in co-op, each time having to deal with it.  The game functioned for me, albeit poorly.  Is there a committee of uber-gamers who lays down this law?  Does Justice Sonia Sotomayor moonlight as a gamer/enforcer of this law?  I don't know, I guess I could see her playing some MW3 multiplayer, while eloquently trash talking the opposite team the entire time.  I could see her saying stuff like, "You have just felt the wrath of justice my sons!" after she no-scoped someone rushing her then knifing his teammate in the gut.