Halo CE clarification please?

Is this Halo CE remake going to be a true remake, or is it basically going to be adding halo 1 maps to reach and keeping reaches physics/armor abilities...etc?


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I think it might be like ODST. One disc Halo CE campaign and second disc Halo Reach dlc expansion for mp.

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That saddens me greatly then, i'm not buying it. It won't be the same with reaches physics/guns/armor abilities etc...

Yup, I like Reach, its not bad, but i much prefer the original multiplayer of 1. Add in only having 7 of the 13 maps and the same old playlist crap from Reach, and it's a tough sell to me.

It's a gimmick basically.

from what I understand it's the CE campaign with Reach graphics, but you know instead of doing the smart thing and giving us the CE multiplayer with XBL we basically get a freaking CE Map pack for Halo Reach.

I must say they failed miserably witht his one, it better not happen with a H2 remake

and how sure its a shooter? could be an rts-kinect game. i m kinda i supprised MS announce another halo game without bungie doing it.

I'll get this before MWF3!

It's just Halo: CE remaked with the Reach engine. The multiplayer will use the Reach engine but I hope it doesn't have armour abilities etc.